Can A Velux Skylight Survive A Hail Storm?

With the recent unpredictable weather in Australia, it's a legitimate concern on whether your skylight will be able to withhold extreme conditions.
It's important to make sure you're buying a product that can keep performing in Australia's climate.

With the recent storms in Canberra, we've received hundreds of calls about replacing broken acrylic domes but we received very few calls about broken Velux Skylights, this is because of the high performance double glazing and the fact they've been tested with cricket ball sized hail shot at 172km/hr and survived the test.

Conclusion -

Velux have specifically manufactured their skylights to be able to withhold extreme conditions and they've passed all Australian standards in flying colours.
It's not only in Australia, they've been water/heat/hail tested around the world and are one of the leading manufactures of skylights, this isn't a coincidence.
I believe a Velux Skylight will improve your home, add value to it and also help save money on your energy bills.
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