Can I Get A Shade Cloth To Protect Me From Storms?

A lot of the time you will have to choose between affordability or quality. With most other products you will get what you pay for, but with the Rainbow Z16 you can get a commercial-grade shade cloth for a very reasonable price.
It has been specifically designed to protect you from the sun and they offer a 10 year warranty on their fabric, this is how confident they are that their product will survive the test of time.

While there is no guarantee that this shade cloth will survive every storm thrown at it, we can say that with the recent hail storms in Canberra, we didn't receive many calls at all about shade sails we had installed previously but the amount of calls we received about cheap quality sails was chaotic, it is further proof that it's smarter to pay that little bit extra to ensure that you're not replacing a sail within a few years, this shouldn't be necessary.

Conclusion -

With the recent hail storms in Canberra, it's important that you get a shade cloth that will give you the best chance to fight these extreme weathers, if you purchase an ordinary shade cloth there is a very high chance that you will have to pay for it to be replaced the next storm. If you spend that little bit extra and purchase a Rainbow Z16 shade cloth that was manufactured to survive extreme weathers then there will be a lot less risk that your shade sail will be damaged during stormy weather.
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