Cheap Poly-carbonate Roofing Sheets

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are resistant to heat, sunlight, snow and rain. This gives them a high rating for their durability, wear, tear, discoloring and even comes with lifetime warranty.

Types of sheets on our website!!!!

1)      Laserlite 2000 & 3000. Laserlitle 2000 is the classic roofing sheet and highest performing product in the Laserlite range. It prevents almost a 100% transmission of harmful UV rays, and comes in translucent colors to allow more light access, as well as a warmer room. Laserlite 3000 on the other hand has a special coating to black out/reflect heat, and in doing so provides thorough heat reduction. It is the only roofing sheet that has Comfort Cool™ technology with reduced glare and 50% more heat decreased than a standard roofing sheet.

2)       Multiwall provides flexibility with design and installation. It has a high thermal insulation, is impact resistant and has a great structure for exceptional durability. The two sided UV protects surfaces and cuts ultra violet radiation as shown in the image below. If you are still curios about this product click HERE for the multi wall brochure!

3)      Suntuf was the 1st polycarbonate roofing sheet to be introduced in Australia, and the first to bring in the anti-glare expertise. It is a roofing material that has extremely high impact strength and an unlimited range of high quality profiles. Similar to Laserlite 3000 it skews the amount of light available without allowing a large amount of heat through. For more information, take a look at the Suntf BROCHURE!

4)      Ampelite assures its consistency being the most experienced fiberglass and polycarbonate roofing sheets manufacturer in Australia, Asia and New Zealand. It's reinforced glass polyester sheet has inbuilt protection against UV rays, letting you enjoy the sun without the sunburn, as well as the polyester film increasing its life expectancy. To view Ampelite on our online store, please CLICK!


Many customers call our store, wondering what the best and cheapest roofing sheet is for their home. Well, that all depends on the width you are after, the color, durability, how much sunlight you are hoping to let into your home and the look you are after.

To get a view of the best and cheapest polycarbonate roofing sheet for your home, all coming in unique widths, lengths colors, light level, comfort level, to find the, please go to our JustRite WEBSITE <<<<

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