Double & Secondary Glazing

                            What are my options?

A regular window is assembled with one pane of glass, meaning the only thing separating you from the outside world is singular pane. This is where double glazing becomes a popular option that our customers tend to go with. It uses two panes of glass which are set together with a sealed spacer in between trapping the wanted heat inside. It reduces condensation, noise and drastically lowers energy bills.

Double glazing is an ideal money saver, and provides drastic home improvements by acting as an extra layer of insulation in areas where the cold would usually pass through. The thermal resistance does not only decrease the heat escaping in the colder months, but also helps regulate your inside temperature in summer. It is important to keep in mind that double glazing has to be installed into a good quality frame, but don't stress that is something our professional consultants can confirm when we come out to give you a FREE quote!

Secondary glazing (as shown in the image above) is also often a common choice for customers who cannot replace their windows, and want the benefits of double glazing; so choose install a duplicate of the existing window. It is known to reduce more noise than single glazing and just as much as double glazing. This is because of the large layer of air cavity that is installed between the two windows.

The separation of the two frames provides a thermal break which eliminates the original problem of heat loss found in aluminum frames. The second glass fits seamlessly over the existing window providing an additional coating of warmth and noise cancellation.

Final words

When the heat molecules are warm they move rapidly and conduct heat with one another. This is where double glazing works as the thin layer of air in the windows acts as a heat insulator, commonly decreasing temperature loss. It is undeniable that double glazing and secondary glazing improves thermal efficiency and can half your heating/cooling bills just as much as insulation.

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