Can I Replace My Hail Damaged Skylight?

The answer is YES!

We have had many enquires about skylights in Canberra which have been damaged in the recent hail storms.

You have two options:

  • Replace the damaged dome only. Please see three easy steps listed below and we can do exactly this for you!
  1. Measure the inner throat size of skylight

2. Measure flange to flange measurements of the broken dome

3. Take a photo from the outside

Email all of this to [email protected]

If you were already looking for an upgrade on your current skylight we can organise a consultation free quotation to:

  • Replace the skylight with a new Velux fixed skylight (FS), manual opening skylight (VS) or an electric opening skylight (VSE.)

If you are unsure of what these skylights are/look like, please explore our website  HERE.

We guarantee you that the services and information we provide are the best in Canberra!

Call us on 02 6280 5300 or email any inquiries to [email protected]