Buy A Skylight That Can Survive A Storm

Why Should I Choose Velux Skylight?

Australia's weather can be unpredictable, this is why insulating your home properly is essential to ensuring that you can stay comfortable no matter what the climate throws at you. Velux Skylights are an affordable option to replace your broken skylight, they have been hail tested with 172km/hr cricket ball size hail and survived the test.  They come in solar, electric, manual and fixed options. This will allow natural sunlight into your home without allowing too much heat transfer, Velux comes with high performance double glazing glass meaning that it's designed to be able to hold up against even the harshest of conditions.

Can I Just Install My Skylight Anywhere?

'" A west facing skylight will get strong afternoon sun, while an east facing skylight will receive more than in the morning. Similarly, a north face will provide a lot of light throughout the day at a fairly constant rate while a south facing skylight will provide weaker, but cooler, daylight. " - Velux Blog

Velux also offer block out and honeycomb blinds, the appropriate one for you will depend on where your skylight is facing and what purpose you want it to serve,
block out blinds are suitable for the bedrooms and blinds can affect the heat and level of lights in your home.

Which Skylight Should I Choose?

This will really depend on your situation and you should speak to a Velux consultant or someone here at Just Rite before making that decision, the pitch of your roof can affect the skylight so it's important not to just dive in without doing your research. Fixed skylights are your cheapest option and provide great insulation to your home but electric ones also have the option to allow fresh air in and have automatic rain sensors on them.
If you have any questions or want to know which Velux Skylight would be most appropriate for you, get in contact with us at (02 6280 5300).

Conclusion -

I'm confident that our Velux Skylight's will improve your home and save you money but it's still important that you do research to find out which skylight will suit your situation, I've written several blogs on Velux Skylight's and why we sell so many of them.
If you have any questions or concerns then please get in contact with us at
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