What's the difference between Laserlite 2000 and Laserlite 3000?

One of the main differences between the two Laserlites is the fact that Laserlite 3000 will provide you with better heat reduction properties. They're both high- performance polycarbonate roofing sheets that can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. The fact that it can provide a durable, and versatile protection against Australia's climate at a reasonable price is the reason why poly-carbonate roofing is so popular in Australia, and why Laserlite continues to be a reliable, high performing product.

There are several different profiles and sheet lengths you can use to fit your roof and there's also a range of different colors that provide different specifications.
Laserlite 3000 has Platinum, Ice and Gun Metal, these colours will affect the amount of heat you feel when sunlight directly hits your roofing sheets, while also affecting the appearance of whichever surface you put your sheets on.

Laserlite 2000 has 5 colour options, Clear, Opal, Cream, Grey Tint and Bronze Tint. These colours all have different transparent qualities and you will need to do some research before choosing a colour as it may not be suitable for what you want to get out of your polycarbonate roofing. The 2000 series is still a reliable product that will last the test of time and provide you with comfort.

Conclusion -

We sell both versions of the Laserlite on our online store, it is a great poly-carbonate roofing option and there's a reason that this is one of our most popular products on our entire store and why we've been supplying customers all around Australia with this product.
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