Thermal Insulation VS Acoustic Insulation

Thermal Insulation -

Thermal Insulation serves as a barrier against heat transfer. In the winter, we turn our heating on and our house is set to the temperature we choose. If the house is not well insulated then the heat will escape and you will be spending a lot more on your energy bills as the heater has to keep producing warmth to maintain your chosen temperature, this also applies in the summer but in reverse.
The money you save on these power bills essentially means that the insulation will soon pay for itself, making it efficient and your living more comfortable.

Acoustic Insulation -

Acoustic Insulation batts are designed to reduce noise transfer throughout your home, their high density ensures that they can block transfer of sound and they're easy to install. Acoustic batts can also offer some resistance to heat flow so you can also get some thermal insulation out of the product as well but they're mainly designed to help you live more peacefully without having to worry about hearing unwanted sounds, this is especially useful if you live in an area with lots of traffic and disturbances.

Both insulation types are very important and serve their own purposes, if you have a home theatre then it would be recommended to install soundproof batts in the external walls and this is also true for bathroom and bedrooms. You would not use this product to install your ceiling or external walls usually as often the thermal resistance will be much less than that of a normal batt and you will be spending more on your energy bills.

Conclusion -

It's important to know the type of insulation you're using before you purchase it, having this information is vital to ensuring that you remain comfortable throughout the peaks of summer and winter, spend further time researching insulation on this website or get in contact with us at 02 6280 5300 or email us at [email protected]