What Are R-Value's And Why Are They Important When Choosing Insulation?

If you've been researching or shopping around for insulation then you've probably noticed one technical term that keeps popping up, the R-Value.
This is a simple way that we measure how effective a product is at insulating, the higher the r-value is, the better it is at insulating. It may sound like a simple process but there is a specific formula being followed in order to figure out this value and that is by figuring out the thickness of your product and dividing it by it's thermal conductivity.

Bradford's Anti-Con R-Value Is R1.3
Bradford's Anti-Con R-Value Is R1.3

What is thermal conductivity?

Thermal conductivity is essentially just measuring the heat flow of a certain material/product, if the product has a high resistance to heat flow then it will have a high r-value and it will be a good insulator, if it has a bad resistance to heat flow then it will have a low r-value but it will be a good conductor.
There's a lot of science involved here which can often lead to a lot of confusion but the main goal would be to find the product with the highest r-value that is most appropriate for your situation, often the cost of a product can influence this decision.
It's worth noting that for our Batts for example, some of them are too thick to fit in the studs of walls, this is often because there is too much material in the product and in this case you would probably have to opt for a lower r-value as the product will be less thick.

R6.0 and R2.5 R-Value

Have any further questions?

Insulation can often be quite the endeavour if you decide to embark it on your own, there's a lot of factors that will influence which product you end up purchasing and it's important to be educated on the topic as it can often be a pain if you decide that you rushed and would like to re-do your insulation.
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