When To Use Rigid Foam Board Insulation

Rigid foam boards are cost-efficient compared to other insulation products and they can be used for either residential or commercial use. They come in varying ranges of thickness and are very easily cut down meaning that you can use it for very tight places.

Why should I use it?

Rigid foam boards can give you a high R-Value with a narrow thickness on your sheet, thus making it very cost-efficient. It can be used in various projects and XPS (EXTRUDED POLYSTYRENE) is water-resistant, meaning you can use it on construction sites or the developing stages of your project.
They're durable, versatile and can provide great insulating capabilities.

Typical uses include -
Exterior and Internal wall insulation
Slab foundations


  • The rigid foam boards are a clean, irritant-free product. They're not flexible like fiberglass but they're cheap and be cut with a Stanley knife.
  • I would recommend the use of safety equipment if cutting down the boards but you do not have to go overboard like with other products.
  • The boards are rigid meaning that it will not make room for things such as wires and junction boxes, you should be aware of these locations before you start installing.
  • Because it is difficult to get a tight seal with rigid foam, expandable foam or caulking may be necessary to fill thin gaps between the foam and framing members.

Conclusion -  

Rigid board's can be perfect in situations where batts are too big or where they're not applicable, these boards can often be an affordable solution and give you more R-Value in your home. If you have any questions or concerns or just want to know more about our available products then please get in contact with us at 02 6280 5300 or [email protected]