Which Insulation Product Should I Choose?

An example of some of Bradford's Batts

This is a very broad question and it might be worth visiting our Just Rite Store online if you want to see all the different type of insulation products but with that being said there's a few things you should consider before choosing insulation, like for example are you trying to reduce sound or eliminate heat transfer?
This question alone can really narrow down what you're looking for and help insulate your home, if you're looking to reduce the heat flow in your home then you could insulate your house with Bradford Batts or some loose-fill insulation in the cavity walls.
If you're looking to reduce sound then you could use one of the many acoustic batts available to stop sound from travelling through the walls.

If you're just looking to insulate your home and stop the hot or cool air from escaping your home, then you might just want to install some batts in your ceiling and walls, this is something you can do yourself and all it takes is a bit of research and educating yourself on the do's and dont's of DIY installation.
All it takes is figuring out how many batts you will need, and then obtaining the necessary safety equipment, then it's just a matter of installing the batts which you can follow several tutorials on YouTube.

The truth is that there's way too many insulation products to cover, they all serve different purposes and will help you to save money on your energy bills.
You can get batts, blankets, loose-fill, sarking, rigid board insulation and while these all are serving the same purpose, you can use all of these products together all around your home/project to ensure the R-Value of your home is high and therefore your home is energy efficient.
If you'd like to see more products, we have a large range available on our Just Rite Store available online or you can email us [email protected] for any further questions.