Which Shade Cloth Should I use For My Shade Sail?

If you're relying on a Shade Sail to keep you safe from the sun this summer then you'll want a shade cloth that can survive Australia's harsh climate while remaining stylish and affordable.
The Rainbow Z16 offers the ultimate protection against the sun and comes with a 10 year warranty, it's also available in 24 different colors.

We use this Shade Cloth because it's commercial grade and will last much longer than any other standard cloth that you end up purchasing, it's not everyday that you can find a stylish fabric that is affordable and blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun. It's important to create a sun safe environment, especially if you have children playing in the backyard and that's exactly what a Shade Sail can do for you, you can have them built to size and they're suitable for a variety of scenarios, whether it's a pool cover, just a bit off relief from the sun or just to add some style to your backyard.

Get in contact with us if you'd like us to give you a free quote for your shade sail or you have any general enquiries, 02 6280 5300.

Conclusion -

We've used the Rainbow Z16 for a long time now and it's left our customers extremely satisfied, it's a commercial grade shade cloth with 10 year warranty on the fabric, it is surprisingly affordable for what you're receiving and it will survive the test of time which is one of the most important factors when choosing a shade cloth, get in contact with us at 02 6280 5300 or email us at [email protected]