Why Is Ceiling Insulation Important?

JustRite is one of Australia’s leading insulation specialists; doing more than just keeping you warm in winter, and cool in summer, but helps turn your house into a home.

Ceiling insulation is an important aspect in a home as it improves the energy efficiency and reduces the cost of heating and cooling by 40%.

Bradford Hi-performance gold ceiling batts are what we use to insulate your home. They are the most trusted insulation company produced right here in Australia, made specifically for Australian conditions. They are not only environmentally friendly, made from 80% recycled glass wool, but also have a 70 year performance warranty.

Specifically the Bradford batts are made from very thin glass fibres that are spun to make over thousands of air pockets which act as conductors of air flow providing heat through insulation.

But WHY ceiling insulation?

You may be asking. Why ceiling insulation? Why not cavity wall insulation? Why not underfloor insulation?

Well, ceiling insulation is where 30% of heat escapes, as well as having the opportunity to save roughly 30% on heating and cooling bills. Essentially, if you had to choose between ceiling and wall insulation, ceiling would come first.

By properly insulating your ceilings it helps regulate room temperature, giving even distribution throughout the house, providing comfort all year round.

Ceiling insulation’s primary purpose is to regulate temperatures within, capturing the heat in winter, and keeping it out in summer, while also increasing the thermal efficiency. Below is a diagram that demonstrates exactly this.

Final Thoughts

If you are unaware of the exact batts you should be using, the Government recommended rate in most states in Australia is 4.1, but go all the way to R7. Principally, the higher the R-value, the better the thermal performance, greater resistance to heat transfer and greater insulation effects.

When entering your house after a long day at work we don’t want you to think that turning on your heater as soon as you walk in is normal. So, if you want to walk into a home, and are looking to improve your energy efficiency, a FREE quote from JustRite specialists in Canberra is the way to go.

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